A Diesel Wreck

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by Baxter Black, DVM.

It’s been said, “Free advice is always worth more than advice you have to pay for.” Barb said she remembered a time when farmers used what we call today “alternative medicine” on themselves and their animals. They had lots of uncles, medicine men and quacks to seek advice from. One gave himself a cow dose of penicillin and another one poured Coppertox on a sore. They both survived. Then there was the story from the old days, about the two brothers whose dad bought a 700-lb Brahma bull at the sale in Eau Claire. On arrival at the farm, Dad diagnosed that the critter had lice. Lots of us save our used motor oil for a variety of uses; on the gravel drive, painting corrals, warts or cat repulser. He told the boys to “oil him down.”
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