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By Baxter Black, DVM.

The Amish have many admirable traits; generosity, a work ethic, a Godly discipline, thriftiness and a small footprint on the ecology. Talk about recycling! They put us glass, tin can, cardboard, energy-hungry practitioners to shame. We use so much diesel, gas and oil driving, hauling, mashing, crushing and condensing the messes we make it's probably not an even trade! The Amish don't make a mess in the first place. An example of their "leave no mess" philosophy was demonstrated when Amish Joe decided to sell a cull cow at the local sale barn in rural Indiana. Joe hired a man to haul her. Joe's son Jack and his brother-in-law, Amos all wanted to go. They could only fit three in the pickup so Amos climbed in the stock trailer with the cow. It was November, the trailer was a solid body gooseneck with full doors so there was no danger of Amos getting cold.
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