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By Tumbleweed Smith.
Quail Dobbs grew up in his daddy’s boot making shop in Albany. When the family moved to Colorado City, Quail played second string halfback for he high school football team. “Really I was a live dummy,” says Quail. He was born Marvin Dene Dobbs but a classmate gave him the nickname Quail. “Maybe it was because I had a top knot and ran like a bird. Anyway, I was flighty, but game.” When he sold some land and went to a lawyer to get the legal work done, all the papers were in the name of Quail Dobbs. He told the lawyer that Quail was a nickname. The lawyer said it would be a lot easier to change his name than to change all the paper work. So they went to the courthouse and his name became Quail Marvin Dobbs. He lost the Dene. Quail was the class clown in school. He wanted to be a rodeo cowboy and tried his hand at riding bulls and broncs. “Every time I got on a horse or bull it looked like some sort of a clown act.” When he was in Buffalo, Minnesota at the age of 19, a clown didn’t show up for a rodeo. Quail asked if he could fill in for him. He did such a good job one of the contestants told him he was a natural, that he ought to buy a barrel and a mule and go down the road. Quail did just that. The second year he was clowning a rodeo contractor told him he wanted Quail to work all his rodeos the next year at $125 per performance. Quail took the job.
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