Switchin' Flies

by Barney Nelson
During fall migration, which is happening now, the buzzards leave and the red-tails return. I'm sort of a semi-casual birdwatcher, so I provide a small pan of water year around for critters, mostly birds. I keep a Peterson's Guide handy to try to identify them, but I also like to read deaper. "The Bedside Book of Birds" is perfect: a collection of great art and great literature about birds that can be read a page or two at a time while getting sleepy. It was collected by Graeme Gibson, one of those tweed coat, tweed vest, and tweed hat kind of guys who considers himself a gentleman of the highest order. He uses words like predilection, entrée, fortunate, and omnipresent. So this is not a book intended to be read by people with a predilection for dirty hands, even though the author's first name looks like it ought to be pronounced Grimey. But I like it anyway.

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