Switchin' Flies

By Barney Nelson.

A friend and I drove to Marfa for supper a few weeks ago. On the way back to Fort Davis, a full moon rose. We both tried to take a picture with our phones. Neither of us came even close. I'm not sure I've ever seen a picture of a full moon rising that does justice to the real thing, especially a moon rising over the Davis Mountains with no city lights, buildings, or trees to block the view…just a wide expanse of grass and rock. On that night the moon looked big and orange against an indigo sky and dark horizon. Part of the magic that can't be captured in a photograph is how fast it rises. The top edge peeps over the top of a mountain and by the time you can pull off the highway, grab your phone or a camera, and get ready….it's up! It seems like you can almost feel the earth turning under your feet.
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