By Bartee Haile.
On Jan. 17, 1933, eight years and two months after her election as the first female governor in American history, Miriam A. Ferguson returned for a second-term encore. Following the impeachment and permanent exile from public office of husband Jim in 1917, "Ma" Ferguson stepped forward to defend the family's tarnished honor. She waged a successful campaign for the statehouse seven years later but lost a 1926 reelection bid to challenger Dan Moody. The Fergusons were anxious to return the compliment, especially after Moody masterminded repeal of the Amnesty Bill which restored Jim's political rights and erased the impeachment proceedings from the senate records. However, to deny a sitting governor the nearly automatic second term was a risky long shot, so the husband-and-wife team decided to wait until 1930 when they would not face an incumbent.
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