Switchin' Flies

By Barney Nelson.
Leisure is overrated. I've come to that conclusion a few months into retirement. Noting is more boring than leisure. No wonder that those without meaningful work take drugs or get into trouble. It seems like too many of us think work is demeaning, modern slavery, and exploitative. Maybe sometimes it is, but not when chosen wisely. Taking a job, just to make money even if it's a pile of money, will be unfulfilling. But taking on a job as a "life's work" is the only way I know to really find happiness and self-respect. Although I probably view it through rose-colored glasses, I absolutely believe this is what the cowboy mystique is really about. It's got nothing to do with the costume. Nobody decides to take on a cowboy job (or ranching) in order to make money. It's like the old joke: if I had a million dollars, I'd just keep on ranching until it was all gone.


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