On The Edge of Common Sense

by Baxter Black,
When Marvin Garrett nodded his head, no one knew that eight seconds later the Thomas and Mack Arena would be covered with goose bumps. Marvin drew "Try Me" in the fourth round at the National Finals Rodeo 1989. He marked her out and hung the steel to'er like the rods on a Union Pacific driver! "Try Me" jumped the track! She slid, slipped and rolled around inside her skin! She punched holes in the arena dirt! Somewhere in the last two seconds Marvin reached his limit. Everything in his firebox…experience, intuition, talent and training were at full throttle and blowin' blue smoke! It was then, over the din of 15,000 rabid fans, Marvin reached down inside himself, I heard him whisper, "Yer mine…" The hair stood up on the back of my neck.


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