This Week in Texas History

After three wave-tossed months at sea, a shipload of thirsty Germans streamed ashore at Galveston on Jul. 17, 1847 and went in search of the nearest tavern. The previous year, Prince Carl Solms-Braunfels had made the rounds of the universities in his fatherland to talk restless students into taking the Texas challenge. As a recruiter for the Adelsverein, an association of German aristocrats  advocating Lone Star colonization as a way to relieve revolutionary pressures,his mission was to fire the imagination of the younger generation with glowing accounts of the New World paradise. According to a first-hand account, the prince did a great job. He began by telling the students what they already knew -- there was no place for them in crowded Germany. In Texas, however, opportunity was limited only by the talent and effort of the individual  

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