by Tumbleweed Smith


The blades of the helicopter started with a soft whirr, then became a whomp whomp which dissolved into the usual helicopter clatter as the aircraft headed skyward. The pilot is Dusty Holt of Holt Helicopters in Uvalde. He is taking two of us over marshes near the Anahuac National Wildlife Preserve. The person with me is Herbert Oreschnigg who is diligently looking for alligator nests. He and Dusty have been doing this for eleven years. Dusty's dad did it before he joined the company after college. Herbert hires the Holt company a week at a time to hunt for the nests in late summer. They are hard to spot. They look like a hunk of hay that has washed up near a small lagoon. "They look a lot like muskrat nests," says Herbert. As we fly low over the marshes, I hear Dusty or Herbert say, "muskrat" when they see a clump of hay.

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