Services are Oct. 30 for Klaus Glaser, 68

FORT DAVIS - Klaus Jurgen Glaser, 68 of Fort Davis, died Oct. 11, 2015. Born Jan. 28, 1947, throughout his life Klaus Glaser tenaciously navigated the road less traveled. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1947 to American parents serving with the US Army after WWII. He was adopted at birth by a Polish couple who had been interned in Nazi concentration camps and could no longer have children. His childhood was strongly influenced by the traumatic experiences his parents endured. His father schooled him in protecting himself from potential Nazi resurgence by giving him the the unchildlike challenge of escaping Germany through the Swiss Alps to retrieve a gun from a safe deposit box in a Swiss bank when he was 12 years old. His parents' experiences and training shaped his actions for the rest of his life. He attended boarding school in St. Gallen, Switzerland and college in Frankfurt. The compulsory German draft put him in the German army for two years. Once released from military service Klaus followed a girlfriend to Israel where he mistakenly stayed over three months - and was promptly drafted into the Israeli army. After six weeks of boot camp he was offered two choices - do two years of active duty in Israel (after which he was subject to potential call-up until age 75) or leave the country, never to return. He left the country, never to return. Back in Germany he met his first wife and they moved to Maroochydore, Australia. After living in Australia for several years, he returned to Germany (without doing a hitch in the Australian army), divorced, and with the help of a Mormon bishop found his birth father in Lava Hot Springs, ID. He immigrated to the U.S. and began a new life with his father and extended family, following the family business of well drilling. However his luck didn't hold and he was drafted yet again, this time by the U.S. army. He was deployed to Vietnam - for all of three days - and was then given orders to report to an airfield for departure, destination unknown. When his flight landed he discovered he had been transferred back to his hometown of Frankfurt where his linguistic skills and knowledge of Germany made him a natural choice as liaison between American and German top brass, as well as in the area of procurement. He was honorably discharged after two years. Upon his return to the U.S., he eventually settled in the Los Angeles area where he raised his daughter as a single parent, met his future wife Allistair in 1986, and pursued his passion for firearms by working in a succession of gun stores, often selling to Hollywood notables such as Charlton Heston, Charles Bronson, Sean Connery and Mötley Crüe lead guitarist Mick Mars. He had a prolific memory for both current and curio and relic firearms - particularly single-action army pistols and black powder rifles - and was known in many circles simply as The Gun Guy. He embraced life in the U.S. with an outgoing personality that belied the seriousness of his upbringing. He never faltered in his devotion to the communities and country he called home. During a stint with the Volunteer Surveillance Team in the Los Angeles Police Department, he received the honor of Volunteer of the Year in 2001. In 2003 he was the recipient of a rare commendation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for exceptional service in the public interest. He and his wife moved from Los Angeles to Fort Davis in 2005, where he happily proclaimed himself a "born-again Texan." The couple served together in the Fort Davis Volunteer Fire Department for several years. They also worked with gun manufacturer Tripp Research, Inc., now located in Bastrop. Klaus retired and was residing in Fort Davis until Oct. 12, 2014 when he was irreversibly poisoned by a toxic drug, Amiodarone, prescribed by a cardiologist in Odessa. He had always been proud of his Viking heritage and fought for his life for a year with the fierce determination of his forefathers but, despite his family's history of longevity, he lost his final battle far too early and passed away of cardiac arrest on Oct. 11, 2015, in Dallas at the age of 68 years old. In his final act of courage he became a donor to the Willed Body Program at UT Dallas Southwestern Medical School. With his tragic passing the world has lost a unique man of integrity, intense commitment and sensitivity who turned what could have been overwhelming life challenges into action to protect and serve the country and people he loved. He deserved far better than he received and he will be missed more than he could ever know. One of Klaus's mottos was: "If you don't have any scars you haven't played the game." A book based on his life is forthcoming. A Mormon convert, Klaus Glaser is survived by his loving wife and companion of 29 years local artist, writer and owner of The Dog Shop in Fort Davis Allistair Mitchell, his 90-year-old father Melvin Frandsen of Lava Hot Springs, ID, daughter Berkeley Glaser and granddaughter Lyric Carrick of Baltimore, MD, his sister Melanie Gladics of Washington D.C., brother Burke Frandsen of Lava Hot Springs, ID, one aunt, six uncles and over 500 cousins. Memorial services will be Oct. 30 at 7 pm at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Sunny Glen Road, (look for white spire on the right) in Alpine. A private ceremony will be at a later date

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