This Week in Texas History

MEXICAN DICTATOR LEAVES OFFICE FEET FIRST  After five years as the tyrannical ruler of the chaotic country south of the border, Venustiano Carranza left office on May 21, 1920 like otherpresidents before him - feet first. When Gen. Victoriano Huerta moved into the presidential palace over the dead body of Francisco Madero in February 1913, a premature sigh of relief was heard in many quarters. The church, aristocrats and foreign investors all lined up behind Huerta, a sadistic drunk, in the hope his iron hand might restore order.  But the north was solidly against the coup, and the first influential figure to come out against Huerta was the governor of Coahuila, Venustiano Carranza. At 53 the white-haired landowner did not look the part of a revolutionary and, in fact, sought nothing more than democratic reforms. But unlike Madero, Carranza knew how to get along with the radicals in order to use them as his shock troops.   

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